S.C. RubberS.C. Rubber & Machinery Part., Ltd., we are the one and only legitimate manufacturer and seller of ‘Whitehorse Superwheel’ caster. With our experience of more than 50 years of developing and manufacturing, we can assure you that you will get the best price to performance product for your money. 


We also are able to manufacture specially-ordered rubber parts with high quality materials and strictly monitored procedures. For MOQ (minimum order quantity), we offer delivery within Bangkok Metropolitan Region. 

Our range of products include:        

– Industrial site casters

– Hospital casters  ล้อรถเข็น ตราม้าขาวแแท้

–  Restaurant casters        

– Shopping cart casters

– Furniture casters     

– On-demand casters

– Specially-ordered rubber parts

Contact us at 

Telephone : 02-399-2278,  02-748-5324-6

Fax : 02-748-5328

Hotline : 081-8705044 , 081-8020533

Email : info@www.whitehorsecaster.com 

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