Whitehorse Superwheel caster has numerous types of wheel that should suit your various needs for various occasions. Whether it would be depending on location, floor condition or different loading capacity.

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S SERIES caster  is suitable for most of the everyday usage, made from high quality natural rubber and specially engineered parts to our highly regulated standard. This is to ensure end-user’s satisfaction of smooth pushing experience.

ล้อรถเข็น แป้นตาย 1
ล้อตราม้าขาว แป้นเบรค

For more information about S series caster, please visit -> S series Catalogue

L SERIES caster  is a very slim profile caster suitable for light – mild medium duty. Especially in tight spaces where busy works happening such as inside corporate office, hotel, hospital as well as restaurant.   

L B SB 1
ล้อตราม้าขาว L แป้นตาย
ล้อตราม้าขาว L แป้นหมุน

For more information about L series caster, please visit -> L series Catalogue 

F SERIES caster  is a tiny caster for for furniture and, more often than not, mainly used within indoor environment. With its small size, yet sturdy construct, this caster is an ideal solution for furniture-related products.

ล้อตราม้าขาว F แป้นหมุน
ล้อตราม้าขาว F แป้นเบรค

For more information about F series caster, please visit -> F series catalogue

SE SERIES caster is premium caster because of its engineered features. Firstly SE series caster can withstand high humidity better than ordinary caster because its bracket is processed using industrial lacquer (Epoxy) . Moreover, its disc wheel is made of engineered plastic which will not have rusting problem.

ล้อตราม้าขาว SE แป้นตาย
ล้อตราม้าขาว SE แป้นเบรค

For more information about SE series caster, please visit -> SE series catalogue

Each series can be chosen with any brackets and wheels of your choices as follows:

Types of wheel: Natural Rubber Black, Natural Rubber Grey, Nylon, Polyurethan.

Types of bracket: Swivel, Fixed, Swivel with Brake (Locking mechanism), Axle, Axle with Brake (Locking mechanism)

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